In the Name of the Thing

Symposium on thingworld: International Triennial of New Media Art


Artists, curators and scholars discuss thingworld through philosophical, political and artistic reflections and engage in an open dialogue with symposium participants.


June 9, 2014

NAMOC Conference Room

2:00 - 3:00pm




2:00 - 2:05  Zhang  Ga



Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Graham Harman Lawrence Malstaf, Adriana Salazar, WANG Hui, WANG Yuyang,


2:05 -2:15

Graham Harman


2:15 - 2:25



2:25 -2:35

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev


2:35 -2:45

Lawrence Malstaf


2:45 – 2:55

Wang Yuyang


2:55 - 3:05

Adriana Salazar


Coffee Break

3:05 -3:20


3:20 - 4:00

Panel discussion with

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Graham Harman Lawrence Malstaf, Adriana Salazar,WANG Hui, WANG Yuyang

Moderated by Zhang Ga


4:00 - 5:00

Open forum


Participants’ bios


Christov-Bakargiev, Carolyn

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev is a curator and researcher into artistic practices, the histories of art and the politics of aesthetics. She is Edith Kreeger Wolf Distinguished Visiting Professor in Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern University, Evanston, and Visiting Leverhulme Professor at the University of Leeds for 2014, where she lectures on worlding theories and contemporary art. Artistic Director of dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel, she was Artistic Director of the 16th Biennale of Sydney in 2008, Chief Curator at the Castello di Rivoli Museum for Contemporary Art in Turin from 2002 to 2009, and Senior Curator at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center — a MoMA affiliate in New York from 1999-2001. She has published widely on contemporary art, including her book Arte Povera(Phaidon Press, 1999).



Harman, Graham

Graham Harman is Distinguished University Professor at the American University in Cairo. He is the author of eleven books, of which the best known are Tool Being: Heidegger and the Metaphysics of Objects (2002), Guerrilla Metaphysics: Phenomenology and the Carpentry of Things (2005), Heidegger Explained: From Phenomenon to Thing (2007), Prince of Networks: Bruno Latour and Metaphysics (2009), and The Quadruple Object (2011) Since 2013 he has been a full-time resident of Ankara, Turkey.


Malstaf, Lawrence

The work of Lawrence Malstaf (b. 1972, Belgium) can be situated on the borderline between the visual and the theatrical. He develops installation and performance art with a focus on motion, coincidence, order, and chaos. He often creates sensorial rooms for individual visitors but also large mobile environments dealing with space and orientation, often using the visitor as a co-actor. He has won several international awards in the field of art and new technology and is also known in the dance and theater world as an innovative scenographer. In 2008 he was awarded the Witteveen + Bos prize for Art + Technology (NL), in 2009 the Golden Nica at Ars Electronica (A), in 2010 the Excellence Prize at The 13th Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo (JP), and in 2013 the Norwegian Hedda Prize for best scenography. He lives and works in Norway, exhibits internationally and works closely together with Galerie Fortlaan.


Salazar, Adriana

Adriana Salazar lives and works in Bogota, Colombia. Her work has focused on the question of gestures, the relationship between subjects and objects, and the boundaries between nature and artifice. She holds a BFA honors degree from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University of Bogota and a magna cum laude post-graduate degree in Philosophy from the Javeriana University of Bogota. With her kinetic objects and installations she has participated in art biennales and collective and solo exhibitions, such as the California-Pacific Triennial and the Manif d’art de QueÅLbec. She has also participated in several academic and curatorial projects and has received fellowships from international artist residencies, including Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Japan, and Nordik Artists’Center, Norway. Salazar is also currently a visiting lecturer at Javeriana University and Jorge Tadeo Lozano University..


Wang, Hui

Wang Hui, Changjiang Professor at School of Humanities at Tsinghua University, Director of Tsinghua Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences. He has published 14 books in Chinese and many of them have been translated into multiple languages. As editor in chief of Dushu magazine, he organized a series of discussions on broad issues, which produced important impacts on public debates and policy. His representative works includeThe Rise of Modern Chinese Thought (Beijing, 2004), China’s New Order (Harvard, 2003), The End of the Revolution (Viso, 2009),The Politics of Imagining Asia (Harvard, 2010), China from Empire to Nation-State (Harvard, 2014) and Depolicized Politics(Beijing, 2008). He has been visiting professor and fellow at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, UCLA, University of Washingtion, Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin, Bologna University, Tokyo University. He was nominated as “top 100 intellectuals” by Foreign Policy and Prospect in 2008, “World thinkers” by Prospect in 2013. In 2013, he was awarded “Luca Pacioli Prize” together with Jurgen Habermas.


Wang, Yuyang

Wang Yuyang was born in the late 1970s. He studied at the China Central Academy of Drama and the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He now teaches at the Department of Experiment Art at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and lives and works in Beijing. He creates works by using new media, but not deliberately emphasizing the novelty of technology. He is more interested in the artistry brought about by the “outdated” technology, “destructive” aesthetics and material waste. His experiments include installations, photography, video and painting. He uses humor, fiction and spectacles to explore and reflect the relationship between the human body, experience and cognition, at the same time he also explores the relationship between artificial reality, media technology, historical perception and physical cognition. He has exhibited in major exhibitions and art festivals in China, Europe and the United States.


Zhang, Ga

Zhang Ga is Artistic Director and Curator of NAMOC’s International Triennial of New Media Art series: Synthetic Times (2008), transLife (2011) and thingworld (2011).