A long and winding road to nowhere in particular (NL)



Steel, motor, and PE-tape

Zoro Feigl (NL)


A machine on little wheels combs a thick green plastic tape on the floor. The machine is moving the tape while the tape is affecting the machine’s movement. Together they create an endless changing pattern on the ground while machine and material dance around each other.

The work is on loan and part of the Caldic Collection (NL); made possible by the Mondriaan Foundation (NL).


Artist Bio:

Zoro Feigl is a Dutch artist living and working in Amsterdam. After his graduation in 2007 he has been developing a series of works that are mainly large scale installations. His works seem to be alive and the materials dance and twist. Placed together in a space, the separate works become one: large and ponderous in some places, nervous or gracious elsewhere. Feigl’s forms are constantly changing, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. The exhibition space becomes an enlarged microscope: single-cell creatures, primitive organisms are twisting, groaning and convulsing. Without beginning or end the objects seem to be locked into themselves. As a viewer you become entangled in their movements: they embrace and amaze, but sometimes also frighten you.