A Time Capsule of Life (NL)



MDPE plastic shopping bags, pvc air tubes, air pump, motion detectors, and brass

Ronald van der Meijs (NL)


A Time Capsule of Life is a growing interactive sculpture, the structure of which derives from a seed, the Lamourouxe Viscosa, a balloon seed which travels by the wind as a complete survival package. This allows the seeds to survive in dry state for a long time. It had a major impact on the evolution of our civilization. In the development of agriculture, collecting seeds was an important factor. It gave us the ability to grow crops and systematically repeat the process. Moreover the structure of this seed gave us insight in new construction methods. It is made up of pentagons and hexagons, architectural structures that are very common in nature.

The sculpture is created from plastic bags, a contemporary mode of collecting daily goods. When connected together they form a transparent structure of cells and conduits. By connecting the bags with air tubes the bags are pumped up. The air is put in motion by the movement of the audience who become part of the system, allowing the seed to grow as a mature structure. Without the presence of an active spectator the sculpture falls back slowly. Growth and decay alternate in a process of which man forms a natural part. When the sculpture is growing or reducing it also creates a cracking sound, lending it a meditative feeling. In addition it comments on the state of mind of the consumer.


Artist Bio:

Born in 1966, Ronald van der Meijs lives and works in Amsterdam. He studied architectural design and graduated cum laude in 1993 at the Academy of Arts St. Joost in Breda, Netherlands. From 1993 he has had his own practice and focused primarily on architectural design and concepts. He received architectural stipends and was a lecturer in spatial design at the Academie of Arts St. Joost for three years. Since 2001 his work shifted to autonomous work in which architecture and sound is still a recurring theme. He has exhibited in various museums, galleries, and biennials in the Netherlands and abroad, including the NAI in Rotterdam, Central Museum Utrecht, Dordrechts Museum, Gorinchem Museum in the Netherlands, Martinez gallery in New York, SIM House Reykjavik, Verbeke Art Foundation in Belgium, Fabbrica Europa 2012 in Florence and Centro de Arte Complutense in Madrid. He received art commissions from the Dutch Government and several grants from the Mondriaan Fund.