beTube (CN-TW)



WANG Chung-Kun(CN-TW)


Piping sound is produced from a self-made musical instrument. It follows the same principle of ‘Sound of Bottle’ series which is to make sound by blowing air into the bottles. Instead of using the traditional method to change the high pitch frequency with different water level, beTube is able toproduce fixed high pitches by changing atonal tones into several long and short pan flute scales. As the motor drives the wobble of the mouthpiece, the computer program can interact with the audience to compose songs instantly.


Artist Bio:

Born in 1982, Wang Chung-Kun is one of the rising stars in Media art in Taiwan. He has created various forms of machinery that have consistently maintained an intriguing purity and peculiar sense of beauty. As the viewers approach, these machines operate on their own untiringly. Soundmaking, switching on and off, exhaling, spinning or twinkling, they can simply do more than a single action. Rather, they have their own rhythm variation, as if they have a life of their own.