Gadgets for the Caveman (IL)



Gadget for the Caveman 1: 60 watt light bulb, Arduino, Arduino shield (Relay) microphone, and software (openFrameworks, aubio addon by Jeff Crouse; Gadget for the Caveman 2: 16 light bulbs, software (openFrameworks), Arduino, Arduino shield (TLC5940 LED Driver chip), 12 Volts 5 Amps power suppliers, 16 Darlington Array transistors, and loudspeaker; Gadget for the Caveman 3: two stepper motors, Arduino, Arduino shield (2 H-Bridge Drivers), mirror, flashlight, Batteries, 12 Volts power supplier, and batteries

Noa Dolberg (IL)


Gadgets for the Caveman is an installation consisting of three gadgets created while envisioning an encounter of an early human with the world in its current cultural, environmental, and technological state. Each gadget rethinks an element or a concept from everyday life and illustrates it for the caveman: a light switch, a night lamp, and the perception of time. To assist the caveman in making connections between today’s basic tools and his ancient ones, the gadgets are ancient-contemporary, meaning they use the advantages of modern technology combined with elements taken from the logic and materiality of the natural world that dominated human existence for so long.

Gadget for the Caveman 1 brings back the action of knocking two stones together as means to light up one of the modern replacements for fire: the light bulb. Gadget for the Caveman 2 is a body of light reflecting to the atmosphere that surrounded man during the night for most of his existence. Piled up like slugs and coals mixed with tinder wires, the light bulbs flicker, animating a live fire. Gadget for the Caveman 3 brings back into the room the image of the sun, the key element by which man divided the day and first understood the meaning of passing time.

The Gadgets wish to trace a lost line between everyday technology and its stone-age origin, reviving a sense of wonder that was once associated with inventions long taken for granted.

“Gadget for the Caveman 1”
Photo by Juan Pablo Patiño

“Gadget for the Caveman 2”
Photo by Juan Pablo Patiño

“Gadget for the Caveman 2 – Installation view” (excerpt from a video)
Photo by Kasia Witek

“Gadget for the Caveman 3”
Photo by Aaron Cansler

“Gadgets for the Caveman – Installation view” (excerpt from a video)
Photo by Aaron Cansler


Artist Bio:

Noa Dolberg’s work traverses visual design and code, sound, electronics, and fabrication, often integrated into installation pieces. Her work reflects on the use of technology as means to recreate the magic that was once related to its simplest forms. Her work has been shown at the EPFL+ECAL Lab, Lausanne (Switzerland); London Design Festival; Aronson Galleries, Parsons (New York); and Swissnex (San-Francisco). In 2014, she will be exhibiting her work at the SXSW Festival, Austin (TX); The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology’s 14th Biennial, New London (CT); The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) (London); ACRE Gallery (Chicago) and Mana Contemporary (Chicago). Dolberg holds a degree in Visual Communication from Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem and an MFA (with honors) from the Design and Technology program at Parsons The New School for Design, New York (2013).