Want to Leave (CN)



LED Light, Chair

Yang Jian (CN)
Courtesy of Yang Jian and WHITE SPACE BEIJING


“want to leave” is an instinct and general status of human being.
There are several sentences running through the led screen, such as : “Huang lei, male, wants to leave-黄磊,男,想要离开-Chen xiaoxia, female, wants to leave-陈小夏,女,想要离开-Sabina, female, wants to leave-Sabina, vrouw, wil vertrekken-He muxin, male, wants to leave-何木兴,男,想要离开-” This list will continue grows.

Artist Bio:

Born in Fujian Province in 1982, Yang Jian graduated with an MA from School of Fine Arts, Xiamen University in 2007. He was elected into the International Artist in Residence program of The Dutch Royal Academy of Fine Arts during 2009 to 2010, and was offered the sponsorship from Dutch Stichting Niemeijer Foundation. His works recently have been shown in “ON | OFF: China’s Young Artists in Concept and Practice”, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing (2013); Are We More Stupid than Before? (solo), WHITE SPACE BEIJING, China. He currently lives and works in Beijing and Nanjing.