Breath – Finance Office (CN)



silica gel, motor, motion detector, metal frame and control box

Wang Yuyang (CN)


This artwork appears to be the same as the office space we have in our daily life. The objects are often neglected as they are placed as the way they should be. An inadvertent encounter, by noticing the even or rapid breathing with any of the objects, might create an illusion. These absurd objects could be leading to a fairytale fantasy or a dreadful nightmare. When we smile at this playfulness, suspicion is also created towards the reality of everything next to us. When we escape from all these and go back to the real world, we could feel the suffocation in the surroundings.


Artist Bio:

Wang Yuyang was born in the late 1970s. He had ever studied at the China Central Academy of Drama and the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Now He teach at the Department of Experiment Art with the Central Academy of Fine Arts and lives works in Beijing. His works are often created by use of new media, but not deliberately emphasizing the novelty of technology and seemed more interested in the artistry brought by the “outdated” technology, “destructive” aesthetics and material waste. He experimented with include installations, photography, video and painting. As long as the means conducive to the expression, He tried to use them. He try to use humor, fiction and spectacle ways to explore and reflect the relation between the human body, experience and cognition, at the same time he also explore the relationship between artificial reality, the media, history perception and physical cognition. His works are exhibited in major exhibitions and art festivals in major cities of China, Europe and the United States.