Horizon (UK)



Digital projections from online sources

Thomson & Craighead (UK)


Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead work across video, sound, sculpture, installation, and online space, using technology as a means to reformulate fundamental human questions for contemporary times. Through sensitive appropriation of images, texts, and data from online sources, the artists produce generous, lyrical works that both exercise the dramatic conventions of cinema and examine the changing socio-political structures of the Information Age. In their work, time is treated with a sculptor’s mentality, as a pliable quantity that can be moulded and remodelled. Horizon is a narrative clock made out of images accessed in realtime from webcams found in every time zone around the world. The result is a constantly updating array of images that read like a series of movie storyboards, but also as an idiosyncratic global electronic sundial.

Courtesy the artists and Carroll / Fletcher


Artist Bio:

Thomson & Craighead were nominated for the The Nam June Paik Award in 2014 and have shown extensively in galleries and film festivals and have created site-specific commissions in the UK and internationally, including Brighton Photo Biennial 2012; Haus der Kunst, Munich; BFI, London; SPACE, London; FACT, Liverpool; DCA Dundee Contemporary Arts; H-I-C-A Highland Institute of Contemporary Art, Dalcrombie, Scotland; bitforms, New York; New Museum, New York; and the Berkeley Art Museum, San Francisco.