Life Is Good (SE)



Acrylic glass, enamel paint, flat-screen monitor, USB drive with video, and wood

Gustav Hellberg (SE)


Two identical sections with glossy and sleek surfaces are placed on top of each other, with the top piece seemingly floating 12 cm above the bottom one. A monitor inside the bottom section shows clips from the reality TV show Big Brother. The video image is reflected and distorted by a mirrored cone, which is attached to the underside of the top section. Approaching the object one hears the characteristic sound of reality TV shows: voices of people quarrelling, making confessions and back talking other participants. The viewer sees a flickering light that TV imagery produces.

Life Is Good is a mixture of different electronic gadget designs. Its shape also resembles that of a bunker. The shape, together with clips from a certain reality TV show, creates an amalgam of surface and object devotion. The title Life Is Good is adapted from a slogan used by one of the world’s largest media manufacturers. The logo signifies today’s widespread consumer culture.


Artist Bio:

Gustav Hellberg was educated at the Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm (MFA). His work has been presented in solo exhibitions at Malmö Art Museum, Stockholm City Museum and Dunkers Kulturhusthe galleries Andersson Sandström and Arnstedt and Kullgren in Sweden. He also has several public commissions in Sweden. Hellberg has participated in a large number of group exhibitions including Energy Laboratory at Ringkøbing Museum in Denmark, SIK at Kalmar Konstmuseum, Sweden, News in Emptiness, Artnews Outdoor, Samara in Russia, Street View at MAP, Gothenburg, The Return of the Losers at Kalmar Konstmuseum, Platform #2 at Röda Sten in Gothenburg, Interim Days: Tblilisi in Tbilisi Georgia, EMAF Osnabrück and Kunsthalle Rostock, First Garage Show at Garage, Sydney, Falling from Grace at KCCC, Klaipeda, Unsere Kunst–Eure Kunst at Stadtgalerie Kiel, VIII Shiryaevo Biennal of Contemporary Art in Russia, and They Are Here at Kunsthaus Interlaken Switzerland.