Nephologies (US/PL)



Custom hardware and software, modified meteorological equipment, and video

Karolina Sobecka (US/PL)


How has living in the Anthropocene changed our notion of nature? This question is explored by constructing and deploying devices that display and probe the knowledge, technology, ethics, and aesthetics of our culture with respect to pressing environmental concerns. The Cloud Machine is a personal device for weather modification based on a geo-engineering technique to create brighter clouds. The Cloud Collector is a personal device for thinking like a cloud. It is used to collect cloud samples that are then analyzed for microorganisms and ingested by experimental subjects. Through this DIY approach, Nephologies engage the issue of climate change in a way that taps into experienced human realities: by putting faith in the ability of the amateur to create a new level of engagement with the world around us.


Artist Bio:

Karolina Sobecka is an artist and designer. Her artwork often engages public space and explores the ways in which we interact with the world we create. Her recent projects focus on narratives that inscribe humans in nature. Sobecka’s work has been shown internationally, including at the V&A, MOMA Film, Beall Center for Art + Technology, Science Gallery, and ISEA, and she has received several awards including from Creative Capital, Rhizome, NYFA, Princess Grace Foundation, Vida Art and Artificial Life Awards, and Japan Media Arts Festival. She is the founder of Flightphase, an art and design studio focused on emerging formats, and is currently a Visiting Artist at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.