40 smartphones, microphone, loudspeakers, computer, digital dictionaries, voice activation and recognition technology, and customized software

Rejane Cantoni and Leonardo Crescenti (BR)


SPEAK is an autonomous and interactive speaking machine designed to establish automatic communication and synchronization between humans and machines and between machines and machines. The artists began by asking the question, ‘What language do these machines speak?’ The resulting interactive installation illustrates the way in which machines receive human input (spoken words) and then repeat the words, as they understand them. Much like a game of ‘Telephone,’ what the machine ‘hears’ and what it passes on may become obscured either through human or technical error. When no person is present to begin a sequence, the machines ‘speak’ to each other.


Artist Bio:

Rejane Cantoni and Leonardo Crescenti are based in São Paulo and have worked together as an artist duo since 2005. They have held numerous exhibitions in art institutions worldwide, including Ars Electronica in Linz, Berlin and México City, The Creators Project in New York and São Paulo, Glow and STRP festivals in Eindhoven, Espacio Fundacion Telefônica in Buenos Aires, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Festival in Copenhagen, FILE International Festival of Electronic Language in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, Zeebrastraat in Ghent, and Mois Multi in Quebec. In 2010 they received a Prize for SPEAK and a special mention for TUNNEL in Linz at the PRIX Ars Electronica.