The Road (DE&US)



Digital image files, custom software program, and mini-computer

Wolfgang Staehle (DE/US) in collaboration with Jan Gerber (DE)


There are 1686553615927922354187720 possible combinations when arranging 24 cards. If every person on earth (some 7 billion) would create one combination every second, it would still take around 8 million years to lay down all possible combinations. In this piece, it takes about six seconds for a new image to appear in the animation. That means the piece has to last 2.810922693×10000000000000000000000 hours for all the combinations to play out. One could say the duration of the piece approaches eternity.


Artist Bio:

Wolfgang Staehle was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1950. He attended the Freie Kunstschule in Stuttgart and in 1976 he moved to New York to attend the School of Visual Arts, New York. After a successful career in various New York in European galleries in the 1980s, Staehle decided to work collectively, and in 1991 he founded THE THING, an innovative online forum for artists, writers and various cultural workers and (h)activists. In 1996, Staehle began to produce an ongoing series of live online video streams. The first of these works was Empire 24/7, a continuous recording of the Empire State Building that was broadcast live over the internet. Staehle has followed Empire 24/7 with online streams of other buildings, landscapes, and cityscapes. Staehle is represented by Postmasters Gallery, New York.