Glass, aluminum, photonic crystal, neodymium motor, computer, electronic micro controller, and electro magnetic field generator

Yunchul Kim (KR)


A fluid is a continuum in space and a sphere of potential. From its vague border to its center, dynamic processes of equilibrium and nonequilibrium perpetually fluctuate. It constantly changes its form and properties by interacting with external and internal forces and energies. Our senses and perception may be easily immersed in this ceaseless fluid motion, since they can reach neither the fluid substance nor its illusion. Then, we try to unify substance and illusion, liquefying their differences into an ambivalent and paradoxical state. A fluid is beyond our interpretation and, instead, is only revealed hic et nunc.
An amorphous fluid-scape emerges in the polyptych EFFULGE. Flowing fluids, blowing air, and running machines cause the turbulent motion. Simultaneously, an immersive sound arises in the space. In this unstable fluctuating sphere, a mass of tiny particles is constantly falling and rising by the effect of gravity and the in-and-out flow of air. The agent matters are invisible nano-sized paramagnetic particles, which are dispersed in colloidal state and are attracted by magnetic fields. By this magnetohydrodynamic action, the mass of moving tiny particles scatters and converges, thus manifesting black hollows and shiny structures of metallic filaments. In addition, the kinetic parts and the air pumps are effected by a muon particle detector. EFFULGE becomes a sphere of potential wherein space, time, force, and events are interwoven. As a consequence, large-scale currents shape an artificial amorphous topography. This fluid-scape organically grows into perceptible and imperceptible worlds, bringing about its own constant metamorphoses.


Artist Bio:

Yunchul Kim is an electroacoustic music composer and an artist based in Berlin and Vienna and also the founder of Studio Locus Solus in Seoul. His latest works have focused on the artistic potential of fluid dynamics, metamaterials (photonic crystals), and especially on the context of magnetohydrodynamics. His works have been shown at Ars Electronica, Transmediale, ISEA, New York Digital Salon and VIDA in Madrid, among others. Kim has been awarded grants at various institutions and festivals such as VIDA 15.0, Ernst Schering Foundation, Arts Council Korea, Edith Russ Haus for Media Art, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral, and NRW among others. He has taught and given workshops in diverse institutions, international festivals, and academic centers. He is a member of the art and science project group Fluid Skies and also a researcher for Liquid Things at Art & Science Department at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in Austria.