Miniatures, Audiovisual Kits (FR)



ABS sculptures, wood, LEDs, and plexiglass light boxes

Cécile Babiole (Fr)


Miniatures, Audiovisual Kits is a tribute to cult media objects. The installation involves miniature sculptures modeled and printed out in 3D. These mini-sculptures celebrate the world of audiovisual culture and, given their size and monochromatic, could be likened to the lucky charms found in a Twelfth Night cake. These miniatures represent iconic objects like a Technics turntable or a Playstation. They are displayed as spare parts in shrines.


Artist bio:

From industrial music in the 1980s (with the band Nox) to a contemporary exploration of electronic and digital arts, Cécile Babiole’s artistic trajectory has evolved laterally, cutting across the realms of music and the visual arts. Far from de rigueur interdisciplinarianism, her works move back and forth between one language and another, bleeding each code into the other in an ongoing reinterpretation of the relationship between technique and visual or sound arts. Whether staged in the public realm (streets, buses) or in private venues (galleries, concert halls), her latest installations and performances question our prevailing systems of representation and communication from an original and ironic angle. Her work has been shown internationally, including at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Transmediale Berlin; and Elektra Montreal.