Mistake Creature (CN)



Kinetic Installation
Medium / Elastic material, Metal structure, Mechanical systems, Program

Wu Juehui (CN)


Mistake creature, sneering at the famous saying: what is rational is real; and what is real is rational, is the production of errors, deviation, and fortuity during the process of creating the universe. The first work of the series of mistake creatures is a kinetic installation of elastic skin. By dint of elastic material, landscapes could be constructed flexibly, and by dint of wavy motions, the flow of light and shadow was further influenced. Due to movements, displacements, aggregations and separations of several embossments in various rhythms, viewers would be surrounded by the sense of time-elapse which is hard to be captured.

Mistake creatures could be regarded as micro symbols of the law of nature, as well as the biomimetic motions of mechanical organs. With such explanations, audiences are less likely to understand the rationality and the existence of mistake creatures. Even though, mistake creatures are operating still, being a transition to the quiet and deserted world.


Artist Bio:

As a young artist of media art, WU Juehui, who was born in 1980, focuses on cross-border-amalgamation, concerning interactive art, bio-art, media theater etc. to show the plurality of art creation. WU’s saying that “Art as the antimatter of science and technology.” shows his perspective upon the relation between art and science. Since 2009, WU has been trying to intrude and reproduce the sense organs via popular technology in the “Organ Project”; While in 2014, WU starts using several media to simulate the deviations during the procedure of creating, resulting in a series of creatures of meaningless, namely the Mistake Creature.

WU has participated in several national and international art exhibitions and festivals, such as “Eyebeam 2014 Annual Showcase”, “ZERO1 Biennial”, “Creators Project 2012”, “Translife – International Triennial of New Media Art”, “SHIFT-Electronic Arts Festival”, “Synthetic Times: Media Art China 2008”and so on.