Falling objects | nº 562 (CH)



Gearmotor, magnets, and copper

Pe Lang (CH)


The movements of Pe Lang’s objects are visual events which, like a magic trick, carry an illusionist element within themselves, and which on the next level, evoke questions about the principles of action.

The effect of falling objects nº 562 is bewildering, as a metal ball, apparently weightless, floats down between two copper plates. This is due to a temporary magnetization of the material through the lateral hoisting of the ball by means of a magnet. With their slow, almost deliberate movements, Pe Lang’s machines invite contemplative observation. [Text by Marc Wellmann, 2012]


Artist Bio:

Pe Lang is a Swiss-born artist known for creating minimal kinetic artworks and installations with a stringent constructive optimization in which each element can be deciphered with respect to its functionality. Lang’s work has been represented in exhibitions and installations for more than a decade in form of installations, exhibitions, and live performances at various European and North American museums, art spaces and festivals. Lang received commissions from the Boghossian Foundation in Brussels and the Exploratorium in San Francisco and his works can be found in private, museum, and foundation collections such as the Espoo Museum of Modern Art and the Borusan Contemporary in Istanbul. Exhibitions of Lang’s work include the Centro de Arte Santa Museum Mónica, Barcelona; Kunsthalle Bern; växjö art hall, Sweden; The Leonardo, Utah Museum Science and Technology Arts Museum; and the InterCommunication Center [ICC], Tokyo.