Urbanus Female (KR)



Metallic material, machinery, metal halide lamp, and electronic devices (CPU board, motor)

Choe U-Ram (KR)


United Research of Anima-Machines, a.k.a. U.R.A.M., has recently released a remarkable study in relation to the discovery of a new inorganic creature. The discovery of this new machine-organism, which lives on urban energy, is sure to cause a sensation amongst urban energy researchers. According to U.R.A.M., this machine-organism has a system resembling that of plants, which photosynthesize solar energy. It is classified into the female Urbanus, which directly receives urban energy, and the male Urbanus, which imbibes the electric energy discharged as photons by the female. U.R.A.M. has named this new machine-organism Urbanus, meaning ‘a lover of the urban.’ The female Urbanus, has a shape similar to that of a flower and, when releasing its collected energy as light, it opens its leaf-like body parts. It also emits light from its genitals which release a great number of electrically-charged particles. Male Urbanus prowl around the female waiting for the moment that light is released and also open their leaf-like body parts to receive the photons.

Urbanus are thought to inhabit the airspace above the city (at about 200 m altitude) and therefore are often found at the upper floors of skyscrapers or on their roofs. It is rare that they are found by the city-dwellers of today who can little afford to enjoy the sight of the sky, but there have been some reports that children have sighted Urbanus. Urbanus are active during the night, which means that they are sometimes visible in satellite photographs taken at night. Exhibiting a deep-rooted cause-and-effect relationship with urban civilization and human lifestyle, it is imperative that Urbanus be studied further in the future.


Artist Bio:

The artist Choe U-Ram believes that everything with life has movement. By adopting movement as a vital component in his work, the artist gives birth to new mechanic creatures. Feeding off of human insolence and desires, these creatures propagate through an autogenetic process in their own secret environment. The artist names each with a term he has generated by combining the names derived from plants, animals, machineries, or materials that closely resemble the hybrid creature alone with the name of the ‘discoverer’—the artist himself. The narrative component in his work has persisted since the very beginning of his oeuvre. With Ultima Mudfox (2002), U-Ram began to deliberately bring out the history and tales of his creations. U-Ram’s narrative power breathes life into these otherwise solid masses, which now coexist with humans in a new time and space through his imaginative power.