V (CN)



Comprehensive Materials

Yang Zhenzhong (CN)


The automatic traffic barrier of this installation is constantly activated. Its non-stop movement up and down releases a contradictory message about the possibility to get access to what’s behind it. Puzzled by this schizophrenic rhythm and incapable to take any decision or step forward, the viewer stands in front of the crossing bars trying to elaborate an interpretative strategy to this charade.


Artist Bio:

Born in 1968 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, YANG Zhenzhong has been living and working in Shanghai for almost 15 years with a career closely related to the development of new media art around the area. Since the end of 1990s, he has been curating and organizing with artists including XU Zhen a dozen of highly influential contemporary art exhibitions. They have not only enlivened the atmosphere of the new media art industry in Shanghai, but also helped with the promotion of the artist himself onto an international stage. One of the recurring themes in YANG’s work is the urge to emphasize with an irreverent attitude the many contradictions and derangements of society while the other central in his research is the (mis)perception of space and its political and psychological appropriations. The artist has previously displayed in a string of prominent exhibitions including Venice Biennale, Shanghai Biennale, Asia Pacific Triennale of Contemporary Art, Lyon Biennale and so forth. His works can also be found in collection of significant public and private institutes such as MoMA New York, IKON Gallery (UK), Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Musée National d’Art Moderne and the UBS Collection.